Food Combinations that Alter Digestion

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Even after eating home cooked healthy food, Sometimes, we are prone to quite many ailments such as bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, acidity etc. After putting our health before everything we can still suffer from such problems.
Why do such things happen?


Let’s analyze what happens wrong even after being so right?

As we are all aware, food takes some time to completely digest in our body. Usually, Fruits take 30 to 60 minutes, vegetables, grains, and beans take 1 to 2 hours while proteins take more than 2 hours.

What we tend to forget is, there are some combination of foods which can be unhealthy and unfit for our body. And consuming these blends can lead to the above-listed ailments.


Some of these combinations are :


Iron-rich and Calcium rich food : 

     Bad for Digestion

      Best example which falls under this category is our all-time favorite Palak Paneer. Though, it’s delicious but accounts for only a few nutritional benefits. Spinach is rich in Iron and Paneer in Calcium, but having together, makes it unhealthy as calcium disrupts iron absorption and vice- versa. Please don’t hate us now. (:


Two protein-rich foods :

Eggs and milks alters digestion

Two high protein foods are unhealthy for the stomach if taken together like chicken and meat, fish and mutton, eggs and milk (Shocked, aren’t you) etc., as they slow down the digestion process because they stay for long time in the stomach which results in fermentation, putrefaction etc. One should eat them alone or should start with plant-based proteins.


Liquids and Solids :

alters digestion      Liquids like water, Tea, coffee, juice etc. requires very few or no time to digest and pass to the intestine in a very short span of time. But, When taken with solids, they take more time to digest and can cause indigestion. It is better to give a small break while consuming solid and liquid together but again that depends on an individual’s body.


Olive oils and nuts :

     Olive Oil and nuts bad combination

      Healthy Salad with Nuts and Olive oils dressings is a mouth-watering dish but has few nutritional benefits. Nuts consist of proteins while olive oil used for salad dressing, contains raw fat which interferes with the protein digestion and makes it an unhealthy choice despite sounding as healthy.


Fruits and Milk :

       alters digestion   


      Most fruits that are raw or unripe have some bit of sourness in them ( acidic ) and when mixed with milk, the milk gets curdled which leads to indigestion. That is the reason why most smoothies don’t actually use real fruit but use flavored crushes that are non-acidic or less acidic. Milk Shakes (like Banana Milkshake) are not only common in adults but is also given to kids during weaning. Banana and milk results in heaviness, bloating, nausea etc, and slows down the digestion process. One should allow at least one hour in between the consumption of fruits and milk


These are the just few examples of wrong combinations of food but one should observe the response of his or her body to a particular food group and combination as everybody responds differently to a particular food item and combination.