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About Daily Dieto

Concluding 2017, with conjuring discussions and the vibrant excitement of the start-up sector- we elevated the most exciting and concerning feature of our work- landing up to our love and dedication towards health sector.

Daily Dieto is an early-stage technology startup which has it's roots in food and nutrition sector. As a growing startup, we operate in an expeditious and informal environment. It is the obsession with results that we intend to bore the seeds of health consciousness in our user's mind palace.

Health, both physical and mental, is human’s most important asset and considering it’s value, our aim is to manage and improve our user’s health.

And to inculcate our very idea, we come forth with our app “Daily Dieto”. The very idea of our app is to impart knowldege to our clients by formulating their personalized dieto charts. Their charts will be developed in accordance with their BMI index.

There's a lot to learn about non-traditional forms of fitness that can enhance your health and well-being. From regular Dieto plans to physical and mental fitness, we cover all.

Keeping an environment that fosters innovation, with a team that idealises in constant maintenance and upgradation where ever necessary, we are here to set a mark and take health-care to the next level.